Summer Camp
Horse Creek Stables will offer summer camp for
children ages 6-16.  This camp is a great way for
horse lovers to meet new friends and learn all
about horses.  The camps will focus on horse
management, riding skills, and safety around
horses.   The campers will begin their day with
feeding, brushing, saddling and riding lessons.  
They will then have the opportunity to bathe and
care for their camp horse (our horse or yours!).  
After a snack and some fun in the water, campers
will learn a variety of horse management skills
including first aid, health care, hoof care, feeding,
illness management and prevention.  After lunch,
the horses will be prepared for another ride.  The
day will be finished up with demonstrations,
educational games, and riding skills practice.
Cost of the camp includes snacks and a t-shirt.  
Each camp is from Monday-Friday, 9am-2pm.   
Parents with working schedules may arrange for
early or late pickup.
Horsemanship I
This camp is geared toward beginning and
intermediate students ages 6-16.   Western
riding lessons will be taught by an experienced
instructor.  Lessons are formatted in a
progressive manner emphasizing communication
skills, body alignment and balance.  Fun and
safety will be emphasized in the saddle and on
the ground.  Riders will participate in crafts and
games with their horses. Water sprinkler fun,
hayrides, stick horse races, and scavenger hunts
are all included! Following a cookout and a
hayride, campers will perform a horse show for
the parents and family on the last day of camp.
The cost of this camp is $200 .00
Experienced horses and ponies will teach these  
campers safety and grooming skills at their own
pace.  Limited space is available, so register as
soon as possible to take advantage of this
opportunity for your child to learn about horses
and make new friends.
All Camps will include:

Safety Around Horses                                                
Stable Management                                                 
Feeding and Nutrition                                               
Grooming and Hoof Care                                         
Tack and Equipment                                                
Breeds and Their Uses                                            
Purchasing Your First Horse                                    
Basic Vet Care                                                          
Beginning Riding Basics
Preparing for the Show Ring
Health and Soundness  
And More...