Facts About Horses:

Dogs and cats drink by lapping water
with their tongues while cattle and
horses make use of a sucking action.

A baby female is called a filly, a baby
boy is called a colt, a baby boy or girl
is also known as a foal.

When first born, foals cannot eat
grass because their legs are too long
to reach the ground.

Foals can stand up within one hour of
being born.

Most foals are born at night.

As well as using them for fly
swatting, horses use their tails to
send signals to each other about how
they are feeling.
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Here are some more fun facts:

* -a horses brain is the size of a potato

* -a horse can poop up to 15 times a day- well that explains why barns look and smell like they do and why stalls need
constant cleaning and mucking out

* -the ears point where they are looking

* -in the wild mares decide where the herd goes

* -horses can interpret tones rather than words

* -horses see better at night than people

* -a horse sees two different images from each eye

* -horses can't breath through thier mouths

* -a horses age can be determined by thier teeth till the age of 9

* -thier heart weighs 9-10 pounds

The oldest recorded horse was 62 years old when he died. He was a barge horse. He lived from 1760 to 1822. That is
longer then some humans live!
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